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Defending Clients Injured On Dangerous Property

Whether you are visiting commercial or residential property as an employee, patron or a guest, you depend on property owners to maintain the premises so that you are safe from harm. Serious injuries can result from an owner’s failure to fix or provide clear warnings about known hazards.

Our attorneys at Mercy Carter, L.L.P., have over six decades of combined legal experience in litigation, mediation and arbitration. We draw on this deep background to tailor an approach that best addresses the circumstances of your premises liability case in Texas or Arkansas. You can depend on our team to customize a strategy that secures a favorable outcome.

Holding Property Owners And Their Insurers Accountable

Insurance providers for property owners are well-known for offering minimal payouts for slip and falls, and other injuries caused on the premises of their policyholders. Claims adjusters and their attorneys may use deceitful or aggressive tactics to discourage accident victims from taking the appropriate steps to receive fair and full compensation.

Our lawyers are familiar with the tactics insurers and their attorneys employ. We have a record of success representing victims who have suffered severe injuries due to dangerous property conditions that include:

  • Slippery, uneven or wet floors/stairs
  • Dimly lit stairs or parking lots
  • Poorly secured merchandise, handrails or ceiling tiles
  • Loose carpeting or floor tiles

Our attorneys do not back down when challenged by property owners or their insurers. We meticulously investigate the events leading up to your accident. We work with structural engineers to determine whether your injuries were caused by a failure in property maintenance, compliance with building guidelines or other negligent acts.

Contact Our Firm Today To Get The Qualified Help You Need

We are ready and prepared to help you file your slip-and-fall claim or another claim related to premises liability. For your convenience, you can reach our Texarkana firm by calling 903-794-9419 or by emailing our contact form.