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Seeking Justice For Sexual Assault Survivors

At Mercy Carter, L.L.P., we handle many sexual assault cases, and we do so because we believe it is important work. You or your child may need financial compensation for medical bills and other expenses. We understand that deciding whether to bring a claim against those responsible for your abuse can be a difficult one. We are here to help you hold the responsible parties accountable for your losses. Please speak with us to learn how we may be able to assist you. We offer free and confidential consultations.

The Problem In Texas

In 2023, Texas had over 100,000 registered sex offenders: The largest sex offender list in the U.S. Additionally, studies show that 20% of all human trafficking victims in America come through Texas, often staying at low-cost motels, which may be held liable for ignoring the signs of human trafficking.

How Does This Happen?

There are numerous reasons why sexual assault occurs: lack of supervision, lack of security measures, negligent hiring and failure to report and prosecute offenders. This failure to act on crimes committed by adults against children may lead to serial pedophiles being allowed to abuse hundreds of children. And while sexual assault can happen anywhere, there are a few places and situations in which it occurs more often than others. This can include:

  • Schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Day care facilities
  • Youth camps and organizations
  • Youth sports leagues
  • Doctor’s offices and hospitals
  • Churches and other religious institutions
  • Motels and hotels
  • Jails, prisons and juvenile detention facilities

This is not an exhaustive list. Talk to us about your case and we will let you know if we can pursue damages from the responsible party.

Recent Changes In Arkansas

Fortunately, Arkansas recently expanded the time period for bringing lawsuits based on sexual abuse of a child or other “vulnerable victim”. Depending on when the abuse occurred, some victims will have until the age of fifty-five to file their claims. Others will be able to seek justice in court against their abusers and organizations who failed to protect them at any age. The law is quickly changing in this area. If you were victimize as a child you should consult an attorney to discuss your options.

Compensation May Help You Heal

People who suffer sexual assault may have physical, mental and emotional trauma. Anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are very common. Survivors may greatly benefit from counseling, but that can be costly. In addition, adult survivors may be unable to continue working after the incident. Suing the abuser and other negligent parties in civil court may provide the compensation necessary to receive quality mental and emotional care, as well as help to pay monthly expenses.

Let’s Talk About What You Need

We will tell you upfront whether you have a case against the responsible party. You pay us nothing unless we get compensation for you, so don’t let that stop you from talking to a lawyer. Survivors of sexual assault or abuse deserve to be treated with compassion and dignity. At Mercy Carter, L.L.P., our caring legal team understands that and we are prepared to help you through the legal process of recovering compensation.

We represent people in Texas and Arkansas. Please call our Texarkana office at 903-794-9419 or send us an email today. Your consultation is free and private.